Many military veterans utilize the GI Bill to further their education. The U.S. Department Of Veteran Affairs also offers a convenient online comparison tool that calculates military status, GI Bill benefits, accrued active duty service time after 9/11, and desire for in person or online educational options to help identify well-matched schools. The online tool shows specific information about estimated tuition, housing, and book benefits per term, as well as the number of GI Bill students, enrolled during the calendar year. The online tool allows users to view accreditation information, as well as retention and graduation rates. 

If you are seeking an online university for military members and veterans, there are many to choose from. There are certificate and diploma programs as well as associate degree through advanced degree programs. Receiving funding to further education is a wonderful opportunity and choosing a well matched school is vital. Keep in mind that not all schools participate with the GI Bill funding or give credit for military training, so it is important to complete thorough research before deciding on a school. Some online schools not only are approved and participate with GI Bill Funding, and offering military experience credits, but also give special focus to military and veteran students and their families by having specific military points of contact and advising teams. 

Another wonderful online tool that helps to identify a well matched online program is the SR Education Group’s Guide To Online Schools. This beneficial website is free and provides valuable information about not only types and amounts of online degree programs offered, but also about military culture. The easy to read information includes breakdowns of how many of each type of degree program is offered, which schools offer faith based programs, and which ones have additional and often times unique, military perks. 

The Best Schools also offers a free online state by state listing of regionally accredited, not for profit schools that participate with the GI Bill funding and additionally offer other benefits specific to military and veteran students. The Best Schools is professionally affiliated and has both staff members and an academic advisory board. Their website details time saving information about American schools and provides active duty and veteran military members with valuable research. 

Obtaining an online degree has never been more appealing or convenient. With programs ranging from finance to marketing to homeland security, dental hygiene, aerospace engineering, business management, or early childhood education, there is something for everyone. Many schools provide caring support systems specific to active duty military members and their families as well as to veteran students and their needs. It is quite possible to find a program that offers networking, social, and academic groups for active duty military and veteran students. Many schools also provide specific career and college guidance for these students. When unsure about how to move forward with GI Bill funding, seek out one or more of the free online tools made available to assist in providing information and taking the next step.

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