Defective products can be a big headache. They are extremely inconvenient, and sometimes they cause us great pain. We aren’t thinking about the dangers of a product until we experience a problem or read a warning, but warnings aren’t always available. There are three main types of defective product liability claims including dangerous product design, manufacturer mistake, and failure to provide adequate warning. 

Dangerous Product Design 

These situations have nothing to do with the creation of the product. These types of liability cases involve products that were made perfectly, but the actual functionality of the product includes a potential injury to the user. The majority of the time, all of the products are made the exact same way, and several people wind up suffering because of it. Companies should not sell products that are harmful, even if they are made perfectly based on manufacturer’s specifications. An example of a design defect could be a healthy hair shampoo that causes the hair to fall out when used. If you need to contact a personal injury attorney because of a product maker’s negligence you should search defective products injury attorney las vegas nv

Manufacturer Mistake 

Like the name describes, these types of claims involve injury that was a result of a poorly created product. Someone who made the product made a mistake at the factory. These cases are usually a single product on a line of many. An example of a manufacturer mistake can be a swing set connected to a breaking chain. In all of these cases, it must be proven that the defect is what caused the injury and not for poor use by the individual. 

Failure To Provide Adequate Warning 

Adequate warnings or instructions help us stay on track with proper use of products to avoid any bodily harm. A failure to warn case comes up when a product in dangerous in ways that are not clearly seen to the consumer or when a product has to be used in a certain manner in order to avoid harm. An example of a failure to warn could be medication that doesn’t list potential adverse reactions when being taken with other medications. If you are trying to get claim for a failure to warn on medication the proper instructions must not be listed on the packaging


When you face a personal injury due to using a product you might be entitled to a liability claim. There are three types of defective product cases such as dangerous product design, manufacturer mistake, and failure to provide adequate warning. The best thing to do is consult with an attorney and see if you have a viable case. One of the things you might want to do when you try to make an appointment with your attorney is find an attorney who specializes in product liability cases. Find out how many cases they have won before and make sure they have a full commitment to matter you are asking them to represent you for.

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