Why You Should Never Deal Directly With Insurance Adjusters Injury Claims

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Insurance adjusters seem to have all the leverage when a person has been hurt but doesn’t have an attorney. Every day, people are injured in vehicle wrecks and they make the biggest mistakes that reduce or eliminate their injury claims. They often allow adjusters to walk them into these mistakes. One of the most crucial mistakes, says one auto accident lawyer joliet il accident victims make is dealing directly with adjusters. When you deal directly with these companies, they figure out you’re not being advised by an attorney, so they take advantage, and victims often end up without full compensation. 

How Adjusters Pull Bait And Switch 

Not long ago, in a town outside of Ohio, an insurance adjuster went to a farmhouse where a child had been struck and permanently disabled by a vehicle because of someone’s negligence. The insurance adjuster had two checks in his briefcase. One check was already filled out for one million dollars. The other check was blank, just in case the adjuster could get the parents to settle for less. The adjuster visited with the parents, was very sympathetic, and explained the complexities of this case, and he earned their trust. He he got the parents to agree to settle. And then he took the blank check from his briefcase, wrote it out for $50,000 and had the parents sign a full and final release. The case was over, and the parents never knew that they left $950,000 behind. That adjuster had settled that million-dollar case for $50,000. 

Whether the adjuster is really such a bad person, or simply doing his job is debatable, but one thing is clear; insurance companies do not simply “do the right thing,” and voluntarily pay more money than they have to. Cases like this are common because insurance companies will quickly try and settle a claim if they are responsible. This would never have happened if the parents were being advised by an attorney. In fact, that adjuster would never have visited the parents if they were represented by an attorney. 

The truth is, the only reason an insurance company pays a fair settlement is because the adjuster believes that a judge or jury will force them to pay at least as much if they do not voluntarily agree to a reasonable settlement. Without a credible threat of a lawsuit, there is nothing you can do to make an insurance company pay. Complaining to a board of executives won’t help. Writing negative comments online won’t help. The only real recourse you have is to rely on lawyers to deal with the adjusters and possibly bring a lawsuit. And, statistics show that personal injury claims pay two to three times more in settlements when the injured person is represented by an experienced attorney. 

Never Settle Or Sign Documents Without Representation 

Many accident victims sign low ball settlement checks thinking it was only a preliminary payment, when it fact, they unknowingly settled the case. Adjusters take advantage of innocent victims every day. Victims often don’t know the extent of their injuries, and the long-term impact of those injuries. So signing a check or document without legal advice could derail any possible injury case. Always allow a lawyer to help navigate personal injury issues so you get the full value of our case.

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