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Insurance Advice Rating: 5/5 is an online insurance marketplace that compares and ranks insurance companies based on customer reviews and experiences so that consumers can get an affordable yet easy insurance experience. It works as a connecting body between the consumer and the leading insurance companies to help consumers in finding, comparing, and choosing the best and affordable insurers that fit the specific needs of the consumer.

The company itself is not an insurance company, brokerage or agency that is selling or advertising the insurance products, but it works as an online intermediary marketplace for the shoppers of insurance companies. website initiates the interactions between consumers and the insurance company and at last leads up to the successful and satisfactory purchase of the insurance policies on the website of the insurance company. It means although these interactions occur through’s website, providing comparisons and quotes of insurance companies, is not actually selling insurance products itself. It only connects the different parties and provides information to facilitate better transactions. came into existence on the 15th of October 2019 and is currently headquartered in Rehovot, Israel, while serving the American market. An entrepreneur named Ofir Sahar established this company with the vision to create a free, trustworthy, and reliable source of information for consumers to help them make better insurance decisions by spending less and getting more from insurance. The CTO of the company is Idan Ohayon, who is an experienced tech expert.

Insurance industry professionals and experts produce the website content. They publish the contents of the website after careful research on consumer needs, comparisons, case studies, consumer reviews, and experiences. has partnered with a wide range of insurance companies offering different insurance types.

The website of acts as a facilitating platform between the customer and the insurance agents or the insurance companies. It is friendly and easy to use. Its website is accessible to both mobile and the computer. The website provides all the  information related to the profiles of the insurance companies and their quotes to find the best coverages and services that fit with the needs of the customers. It also ranks the insurance companies based on customer reviews, ratings, and experiences so that customers can get better, easier, reliable, transparent, and above all affordable insurance experiences altogether under the platform of one website.

Therefore, was created to help consumers make wiser insurance decisions by means of connecting them to several agents and insurance companies. The company operates to facilitate the interactions between the consumers and the insurance companies and agents and helps consumers to make wiser insurance decisions. With its help, consumers find all information related to the insurance companies, compare quotes, and see consumer’s reviews about the insurance companies and their offered products. Their primary goal is to make the consumer’s insurance experience simpler, easier, and transparent. provides everything that customers always look for when shopping for insurance policies. It’s like a one stop shop helping consumers save time and effort in research, while providing the best guidance to enable them to make smart buying decisions. As the company’s slogan says, “insurance made simple ”, it has really made it simple for American consumers. also received an excellent rating of 5 out of 5 stars from customers. This data was collected after collecting and analysing customer reviews and feedback in terms of quality of information, usability of website, speed in providing comparisons, objectiveness, and professionalism. Insuranks, indeed, is one of the best insurance marketplaces and resources you can find online, where you can find fast, accessible and reliable information for all your insurance purchase needs.

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